Happy, challenged, successful. Here’s what our students and families have said about working with Jennie and Jeff:

My experience with Jennie can be summed up in one word: rewarding. From the first meeting, Jennie’s dedication to her clients is something that makes her incomparable to other college counselors. She will work at getting to know you, listen to you and your preferences, and then search among hundreds of universities (yes, she visits all of them), to search for successful matches. She will guide you so that the whole process becomes much less stressful, and with Jennie by your side, you are guaranteed to send a high quality, competitive application. Her knowledge and experience with the application process are unparalleled and her impeccable work ethic will definitely give you a substantial advantage when you apply.
— Maria (student)
Jeff, we are ecstatic and the experience is still somewhat surrealistic. My wife and I cannot thank you enough for the critical role you played in our daughter’s triumph. It was among the final crucial elements which made the difference. We are grateful for the excellent guidance and encouragement that you provided. Especially your encouragement to her to express herself without apprehension, to shun the instinct to be in the middle of the road, and to walk the edge. We believe that a handful of people shape our destiny. Thank you for being one of those for our daughter.
— Vivek (parent)
I really had a great experience with Jennie, and it is without reservations that I am recommending her to any high school senior that wants to pursue higher education.
— Maria (student)
“Jeff! I am admitted as a Film Production major!! Finally, the letter came and I am overwhelmed! I want to thank you, in this very moment, for the help and support you have given me and for making me believe I could reach for my very top choice! My family and I are endlessly thankful for the work you have done during this process. We are also thankful for the way you greeted my father and me during our visit in November. You made our trip eventful and full of valuable experience…. Thank you again!
— Vilde (student)
Jennie, I love it here and the classes seem like they are going to be good. I have made a lot of friends and I am really happy to be here! I feel like I really made the right choice. Thank you for showing me this school!
— Emilio (student)
Jeff truly brought out the best in our daughter and she was extremely happy working with him. Noelle will be attending her #1 choice and target school. We are truly grateful to Jeff for his expertise, insight and knowledge. He made the process manageable and greatly reduced my angst, stress and anxiety.
— Judy (parent)
Jennie, thank you for the amazing work you did in the tutoring for our daughter college finding, application and successful acceptance. You performed a very structured process of getting to know our daughter first and then recommending a handful of good matches. The follow up you made on the application process made it possible for our daughter to catch up and meet the deadlines. We went to see the schools and were quite impressed to hear that in most cases they already know you personally. They were all good schools. Aside from being professional, you engaged and made this a personal challenge. You got involved with mind and heart and we feel you did so beyond the call of duty. Many, many thanks. Our daughter felt great support on you at all times.
— Tere and Julian (parents)
We are so happy with the guidance you’ve given our daughter., Jeff So many of the schools you’ve shown her—schools that she’s really excited about—seem like such great fits, and we’d never have known to look at them if not for you. Your work process is great, but best of all, she’s excited about her college process generally, as well as very specifically, too. Thanks for everything.
— Nancy (parent)
During the past six months Jennie helped guide our daughter through the process of applying to boarding school in the US. We couldn’t be more pleased with her support, all the way from helping her select schools to apply, preparing her for interviews and insuring her true self came through in the essays and application materials. Jennie is extremely organized and dedicated, and has a detailed and personal knowledge of boarding schools and colleges in the US and Canada. The responses from schools were outstanding!! As a result of our daughter’s work and Jennie’s support, she was admitted to six of the top US boarding schools. We are now in the process of selecting which school to attend this coming fall. To anyone facing the task of applying to boarding school or college in the US or Canada, I would highly recommend considering engaging Jennie’s help in this challenging process.
— Camilo (parent)
Accepted. Woohoo! I couldn’t have done this without you Jeff. THANK YOU!!!!!
— Ian (student)
Having Jennie as a college consultant has been extraordinary for us. She is very disciplined, strategic and worked extremely well with our daughter. The support provided by Jennie saved us from many clashes with our daughter; conflicts that are inherent to the stress college applications bring forth. She was instrumental in helping our daughter strategize her value proposition to applicant schools. The results speak for themselves: she applied to 11 schools, was rejected from 1, waitlisted in 1 and accepted in 9, including her first choice. We fully recommend Jennie Kent as a college consultant.
— Luly and Mauricio (parents)
I wanted to say how much we ALL appreciated your input and support, Jeff. Couldn’t have done it without you and the good news is our relationship with our daughter didn’t get disrupted. I can only imagine the battles that might have occurred if I was the one giving her the information, deadlines, etc. Anyway, all is well…. Big thanks to you, will certainly refer you clients if I can. Good luck to you in your endeavors!
— Rita (parent)
Our probabilities went from 0 to 100 in a couple of weeks thanks to our tremendous experience with Jennie Kent. Our daughter was accepted at all of the boarding schools she applied to and has marvelous options from which to choose. Jennie’s accompaniment throughout the entire process and professional relationships with admissions officers were invaluable. The best investment this year!
— Maria (parent)
Jeff, from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to you!!! You made this process so smooth for us!! Your recommendation for our daughter’s neuropsychologist referral was such a bonus! This cleared up so many concerns and answered so many questions. Our daughter has worked really hard and has gone through quite a bit of emotional stress. She is feeling way more confident and clear and is finding ways to deal with her disability and feeling like she is not crazy. :) She communicates very openly with her teachers and even some of her peers. Other than extended time on tests she has not requested any special treatment in class…. On her way to a successful future. Exciting times! Again, thank you Jeff!!!
— Netty (parent)
Jennie, I will arrive tomorrow by noon to college. You can’t imagine how excited and happy I am now. I can’t believe that this dream I’ve been having for so long is finally becoming true! Even though I haven’t arrived yet at the campus, I already know it is a great school and perfect fit for me. I have already chatted with some incoming freshman and can’t wait to meet them all. I would like to thank you once again, I honestly don’t have words to express my gratitude. If it wasn’t for you I am sure I wouldn’t be here right now so thank you, thank you.
— Agustina (student)
Jeff, thanks so much for turning me on to this university. I am so excited to be going next year and I wouldn’t have found it without you!
— Rachael (student)
College applications are brutal and when it comes down to making that life changing decision, every little bit of help will be appreciated. Working with Jennie was the best assistance I could’ve asked for and more. Jennie is the most hardworking diligent college counselor there is, no doubt. College prep with her was that much more enjoyable and a whole lot more successful. With her guidance, I found my dream school, devised a strong application, and got accepted. There’s no better person to find the right fit for you or your child. I wouldn’t hesitate working with Jennie again.
— Isabella (student)
I just wanted to thank you for the guidance and support you have provided for our daughter Anna in helping her choose her preferred school and then guiding her to get through the admissions procedure. Sitting so far away in a country like India we were all lost as to what are the requirements of the top schools in the USA and how to go about getting into one of them. The Skype sessions Anna had with you and the one or two that we attended initially were like sitting and talking face to face and we were so relieved after talking to you.... Thank you once again Jeff for all your valuable guidance and support.
— Sandeep and Balie (parents)
I started working with Jennie in 2015 and both my parents and I were completely lost with everything regarding the academic and financial application to study abroad. Since the first meeting in my house, I could tell two things about Jennie; she loves Excel and she is determined to make you happy. Jennie is very down to earth and she tells you things how they are, and for me, that is and was really valuable in the process of selecting a university. Jennie´s work is orientated toward your fulfillment, both emotional and academic. Working with her introduces you to an environment of introspection and offers a new friendship that contributes to your personal growth. The process of sharing with Jennie what one’s interests are, what one’s goals are and what one’s areas of improving might be, creates a special connection that takes both parties to a superior level of happiness and mutual work. I was happy working with Jennie because time was used very effective and efficiently, so the advances we saw were satisfying and constant, always achieving what was proposed. Jennie has the knowledge, the experience and the personality to make this process absolutely enjoyable and with a long-lasting value.
— Felipe (student)
Jeff, this challenge of college admissions was certainly daunting for us, but you were a calming and expert influence through the entire process. Most important to us was how you counseled our daughter, who listened to you far more than she would have to us. Your understanding of options and requirements was a major relief. We were thrilled when she was admitted to college and credit you for guiding us to this wonderful result!
— Greg (parent)
Working with you was a great experience and was very helpful to me, Jennie. You guided me in working hard and getting tasks done on time. Without your help I would have felt swamped, and wouldn’t have had someone with great experience to assist me with something I was new to. Thank you!
— Charlie (student)
Thanks, Jeff!!! You’ve been such a help in the whole process and I really appreciate your encouragement and dedication! COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!
— Camille (student)
Jennie, I wanted to say thank you. If it wasn’t for you we never would have been able to explore such marvelous schools and I would have never found my school, which I’m now describing to everyone as my school.
— Manuel (student)
Jeff, this is an awesome summary! I am learning so much from observing your work with my daughter. And as her Mom, I am thrilled with your progress together. I am very excited about all the possibilities that are opening up for her to thrive in a new college environment. Thanks so much. Take care.
— Michon (parent)
Jennie’s counseling went beyond the college application and the review of the essays. The real value of her services was in helping our son understand the broader impact of going away to college, understanding his personality, needs and expectations and recommending institutions that would be a better fit for him than the household names that we, as international parents, had on our minds. Without Jennie’s help we don’t think our son would have obtained the results he did in this process.
— Claudia and Samir (parents)